What is the Full Form of CID?

Crime Investigation Department is popularly known to us as CID. Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) is the head of this organization and is considered as one of the key departments in the field of police organizations.

Headquarter of CID is situated in Pune and the Govt. of India and DGP (Director General of Police) specified the cases for investigation to this department. Under the Government of India, it is works as the agency of crime detection.

CID Full Form

The major cases CID officers are involved for investigation are rape, murder, serious assault, communal riots, and frauds. Their main responsibility is to get all the required evidence in respect of case, prepare a report in detail related to the investigation process, attend and prepare an autopsy report.

History of CID

In 1902, British Government appointed a commission named Frazer Commission to check the policing system in India attack that time in British India and help to improve the system by some recommended suggestions.

In 1903, Frazer Commission finalize its report and submitted it to the then British Government. The commission mention a special recommendation and suggested to create crime branch separately for every presidency that will be controlled and directed by the Inspector General of Police. Inspector General of Police of Bombay Presidency, Mr. J. E. Down (1897-1905), help the commission to draft the recommendations to improve the policing system.

In 1905, in the month of June, the British Govt gave consent to the recommendations and decided to implement it. For the presidency of Bombay, they appointed an Inspector General of Police name Mr. R. B. Stewart. In the post of Dy. Inspector General of Police, Mr. J. E. Down was appointed and also gave the responsibility of Head of the Railways and Criminal Investigation which was the recommendation of the Frazer Commission.

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The first appointed Dy. Inspector General of Police Mr. Michael Kennedy prepare a proposal with the structure and function of CID, and submitted it to the then British Government. The CID included the department of intelligence. Pune was the headquarter of CID because the Inspector General of Police was situated at the Pune.

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Powers of CID

As the days passing, criminals are developing new procedures to commit crimes. With the evolution of technology, the number of cyber-crimes has increased. This causes the crime and condition of work very difficult. The Criminal Investigation Department is provided with some powers such as:

  • Cases that the Government and Deputy General of Police entrusted are provided CID the authority for the investigation, detection and prosecution.
  • They can conduct investigation of an offense according to the procedure mentioned in the Civil or Criminal procedure code of India.
  • They have the responsibility to maintain data, up-to-date the crimes, and information of criminals in the system. Criminal intelligence system is planned and organized by this department. They also maintain the records of crimes.
  • If any case is about inter-state or related to the national interest, then they act as the coordinator of the investigation.
  • SCRB (State Crime Record Bureau), FPB (Finger Print Bureau) and their modification are functioned by this department.
  • In some offenses, Deputy General of Police and Government are advised, assisted and reported by the CID about the investigation and prosecution.
  • In lieu of state government, CID is authorized to provide information to the Parliament and Assembly about crimes. But, not about the cases that are related to the administration.
  • Rescue operations are launched by this department in human trafficking and cooperation is done with the NGOs to protect the victims in post-rescue.
  • Database is maintained of the cases that are under trial, court disposals and court orders.
  • To fill appeals, they perform examination of the judgement report that the subordinate courts have declared.
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Eligibility Criteria for CID Officer

  • First of all, the candidate must have the citizenship of India.
  • Your age should be between 20 Years to 27 Years. Age relaxation for the SC/ST Categories is 5 years and for the OBC is 3 years.
  • For the post of Sub Inspector or an officer, you must complete your graduation from an authorized university.
  • For the post of constable, you have to complete your 12th or Higher Secondary education from a recognized board.
  • Apart from this, you have to crack the Indian Civil Services entrance examination that is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.

If you are an aspirant of CID, then you can join courses of criminology at your graduation that will help you in future.

Physical Measurement required for CID officer:

HeightFor Men – 165cms
For Women – 150cms
Chest76cms with expansion
Eye-Sight (with or without glasses)Distant Vision- 6/6 in One and 6/9 in the Other Eye
Near Vision- 0.6 in One Eye And 0.8 in the Other Eye

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CID is an integral part of the state police and they work from the behind. In some cases, CID has the authority for the investigation beyond the police department.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the full form of CID?

Ans: The full form of CID is Crime Investigation Department.

Q2. Which commission did recommendation for the establishment of CID?

Ans: Frazer Commission made recommendation for the establishment of CID.

Q3. What is the required qualification for CID?

Ans: You have to be a resident of India and complete your graduation for Sub Inspector or an officer and 12th or Higher Secondary for constable.

Q4. What is the entrance examination for the recruitment of CID?

Ans: You have to successfully clear the Indian Civil Services organized by the Union Public Service Commission.

Q5. What is the required eye-sight for CID?

Ans: Candidate must have Distant Vision- 6/6 in One and 6/9 in the Other Eye and Near Vision- 0.6 in One Eye and 0.8 in the Other Eye.

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