BPO Full Form and Important Details

BPO full form is the Business Process Outsourcing. It is a contract with a third party that provides independent services. Through this method, companies done their non-core tasks cost-effectively.

Accounting, data entry and human resources are the main functions of this method. There are also some other functions that are performed in this method is customer care and technical support.

Business Process Outsourcing

So, from this discussion, we can understand that there are two types of BPO services like back office outsourcing and front office outsourcing.

This service makes the businessman to focus their full attention to the other important work and hand over the less important functions to the third party on the basis on contract that helps them to work smoothly.

Options of BPO

Generally, there are two types of Business Process Outsourcing, where a businessman hires third party to perform their non-core activities.

1. Back Office Outsourcing:

Under the Back Office Outsourcing, where internal business functions are handed over to the third party. Special technical skills are required to tackle this types of multiple tasks. There are some main functions included are: Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, IT solutions.

2. Front Office Outsourcing:

In this process, functions are related to the customers and to perform this service, employees of the third party must have good communication skills and doesn’t need any type of technical skills. This type of outsourcing is popularly known as call centre. Under this service, the main functions are Customer support, Technical Support, Sales.

Qualification and Skills for BPO Jobs

Generally, most of the people thought that it is easy to get jobs in the BPO. But, in real, it is totally different and you need certain skills to get job in various BPO.

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Qualifications for BPO:

  • In case of Bach office, Candidate must complete Graduation.
  • If you want to work in the Front office, then the required minimum qualification is 10+2 or intermediate in any stream.
  • Knowledge of computer is a very important part to get job in BPO such as internet browsing ability, can send and receive e-mails, and have a good command in M.S. Office.

Required Skills for BPO Jobs:

  • Candidates should have good communication skill both in spoken as well as in written.
  • You should have flexibility in your working attitude whether it is in dayshift or nightshift.

Importance of BPO

Both BPO as well as the company get the benefits of this service. In the following points we have discussed the benefits of having BPO are:

  • By using the service of BPO, the company saves a lot of crucial time to work on their core sectors.
  • This service helps the company to reduce the expanses and invest more into the other important sections.
  • By the use of this service, the company focus on their productivity.
  • The company saves time as well as expenses related to recruitment and training.
  • 24*7 service of the BPO helps to build a healthy relationship between customer and the company.

BPO Sector in India

With the globalization of economy, many multinational companies use outsource services in India. In India, maximum share of BPO comes from outsourcing.

As the value of rupee is very cheap in comparison of dollar, many foreign companies use the BPO service in India very cheap.

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Due to the large volume of BPO in India, a lot of fresh candidate got the opportunity to do job after completing their study.

There are approximately more than 5 million people in India who are attached to the industry of BPO.

Salary of BPO Jobs

Salary is different for various posts. We have provided the salaries of some important posts as:

Customer Care Executive: ₹10k – ₹400k per year

Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist: ₹200k – ₹1m per year (approximate)

Customer Service Team Leader: ₹100k – ₹350k per year (approximate)

Operations Team Leader: ₹150k – ₹850k per year (approximate)

Assistant Human Resources (HR) Manager: ₹250k – ₹950k per year (approximate)

Team Lead, Operations: ₹211k – ₹660k per year (approximate)

Senior Technical Recruiter: ₹229k – ₹602k per year (approximate)

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BPO Full Form: FAQs

Q1. What is the full form of BPO?

Ans: The full form of BPO is Business Process Outsourcing.

Q2. What are the qualification to get jobs in BPO?

Ans: To get job in BPO, in voice based non-technical category, candidate must complete intermediate or 10+2. Other than this you must also have good communication skill with a presentable voice.

Q4. Is BPO a good career option?

Ans: In modern scenario, the growth of this industry is very rapid. If you have the required qualification and skills such as good communication skills, business acumen, customer support, data conversion etc. then it is a right choice for your career.

Q5. What are the two types of BPO?

Ans: Generally, there are two types of BPO that a company choose to hire to perform their non-core activities are: (i) Back Office Outsourcing (ii) Front Office Outsourcing.


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