What is the Full Form of SDM?

SDM stand for Sub-Divisional Magistrate, which is also familiar as Sub-District Magistrate or Sub Divisional Judge. The Sub-Divisional Officer is the main and chief civil officer of an assigned subdivision.

The SDM looks after all the land business in the district. They also controlled all the tehsildars of the subdivision. Apart from this, the SDM have the power to issue the marriage registration, various types of registration, issue of various types of licenses, certificates, renewal, election of members of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha in the states, etc.

SDM Full Form

The SDM also performs various judicial works under the Criminal Procedure Code 1973.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the Full Form of SDM, the power of SDM, the working area or Responsibility of SDM, the selection process of SDM, Salary and Facilities of the SDM. Here, we have provided in detail information about SDM. After this discussion, you will be able to know all about SDM in detail.

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About SDM

The SDM is an Executive Magistrate who is in charge of a Sub-Division to maintain the administrative services. According to Section 20(4) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, the State Government do the placement and may relieve them from charge whenever required.

The SDM can also become a District Magistrate and a Secretary in the State Government after getting promotion. The post of SDM is one of the top in preference in the state administrative service.

A district is divided into many sub-divisions. Every subdivision is headed by an SDM who has the powers of an Executive Magistrate and Collector. He grants the power to performs various magisterial tasks under Criminal Procedure Code 1973 and several other minor acts.

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An SDM can be a junior member of the Indian Administrative Service or a senior member of the State Civil Services with the relevant experience. He has all control over Tehsildars of his subdivision and serves as a link man or correspondents between the District Officer of the District and Tehsildars of his subdivision.

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Required Qualification for SDM

The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree from any recognized university to appear in the selection process. Different age limit has been set for different category, as mention below:

  • For, General Category: 21 – 35 years
  • For, Backward Class: 21 – 40 years
  • For, Scheduled Castes and Tribes: 21 – 45 years

Selection Process

To become a SDM, candidate have to appear in the PCS Exam (State Public Service Commission) organized by the state, the examination is divided into three parts, that is:

a) Preliminary exam

b) Main exam

c) Interview

To become an SDM, the candidate has to pass all these three exams.


The Subdivision magistrate are responsible for different types of activities; they should have to focus on lots of duties. Here, in the following section we have discussed the main areas of his works.

a) Administrative work:

A Sub Divisional Magistrates as an Executive Magistrates are responsible for operating defensive Segments of the Code of Criminal Procedure other administrative operations.

b) Settlement of Territorial Disputes:

Any type of territorial Disputes under a Sub division will be settled by assigned SDM.

c) Revenue Maintenance:

A SDM keep all records of lands and the revenue of the working lands under his sub-division.

d) Handling of Revenue:

A SDM handle all the revenue matters, collection, calculation and reports.

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e) Demarcation and dealing with encroachment:

Any Demarcation encroachment related problem solved by the help of a SDM.

f) Protection of public land and land registration:

From any threat of public land and any land registration issues solved by SDM.

g) Conduct Elections:

Maintain the situation during election of MP and MLA, do the election process peacefully is the major duty of an SDM.

h) Issue Certificates:

All registration services and certificates like Marriage Registration, OBC, SC/ST, Birth and Residence Certificate are issued or renewal done by an SDM.

i) Issuing or Renewal of Licenses:

Different types licenses like Driving license etc. issued by SDM and also renewal of the licenses are also done by an SDM.

j) Judicial Functions:

The SDM performs various judicial functions under the Criminal Procedure Code 1973 and several other minor acts. The case like post marriage unnatural death of women, death in lockup or jails a SDM can take charge and conduct queries or can instruct the police for further interrogation, if required.

Disaster Management

A SDM takes care of relief and rehabilitation in his assigned area. Men made and natural calamities both types of calamities will be taken care by the department. They are responsible for preparing disaster management plans and spreading awareness among the peoples.

Salary of SDM

An SDM gets great salary and other perks along with many responsibilities. Many facilities are given to the officers appointed to these posts. SDM gets salary as per grade pay 5400 in pay band 9300-34800. The starting salary of these officers can be up to Rs. 56,100.

Facilities of SDM

The SDMs along with their salary, they got government accommodation, security personnel and domestic servants, vehicles from the government, a telephone connection, free electricity, accommodation during official visits in the state, leave for higher studies, Facilities like pension etc.

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But there some case where pay and facilities provided to them may vary in different states depending on their pay rules available in that state.

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SDM Full Form: FAQs

Q1. What is the minimum qualification to become a SDM?

Ans: To become an SDM, you have to complete your graduation degree from an authorized university.

Q2. Is SDM a IAS officer?

Ans: Yes, if the SDM passed the Civil Service Exam. After cracking the UPSC and training process they are posted as a sub-divisional magistrate (SDM).

Q3. Who is bigger SDM or DM?

Ans: A DM has more powers than an SDM. There is only one DM in a district but SDMs are posted in each sub-division of this district. Both DM and SDM enjoy similar Facilities, but a DM will get higher payment as their salary.

Q4. Is SDM can be a Judge?

Ans:  Yes, as an SDM performs various judicial functions under the Criminal Procedure Code 1973 and several other minor acts. A judicial magistrate second class can sentence a person to jail for up to one year and impose a fine of up to Rs. 3,000.

Q5. What is the full form of SDM?

Ans: The full form of SDM is Sub-Divisional Magistrate.

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