DSP Full Form 2022

The full form of DSP is Deputy Superintendent of Police in police department. The term indicates a specific rank of a police officer in the department of police across India. The rank DSP works under the state police forces. Inspectors are promoted to this rank or can be posted directly into this rank.

Deputy Superintendent of Police is very much similar to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police and after having some experience in this field, they are promoted to IPS. A DPS is also known to us as sub-divisional police officer (SDPO) and is given a charge of the entire subdivision in a state.

Full Form of DSP

This rank is also popular as circle officer (CO) and is a post observed in the states like Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. There is one star on the shoulder strap with national emblem which indicates rank insignia of this post.

History of DSP

Till now, we have given a brief description about DSP and now we are going to discuss the history of DSP and its transformation.

In 1876, the British Government created the DSP or the ACP by influencing from the policy of Indianisation. This post was introduced under Commissionerate system of the British Government. From its beginning, only Indians are appointed for this post and was identical to Assistant Superintendent which was only appointed by the then Europeans.

In the current situation, the rank of DSP indicates state police officers which is under provincial police forces. Nowadays, this rank can be achieved directly or through promotion.

Procedure to Become DSP

One can easily become DSP but before that, they must fulfil certain criteria before application. A state-level examination is conducted by the State Public Service Commission to recruit candidates for this rank.

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This competitive examination is considered as one of the toughest examination conducted at state-level. It consists of several stages which must be cracked successfully to be selected in this post.

Stages of Examination

  • Written Examination which is conducted at two different phases viz. Preliminary and Mains.
  • Physical Efficiency Test (PET)
  • Interview and Medical

After completing all the above stages, they must spend a probationary training period prior to be posted as a Deputy Superintendent of Police.

Other than this, one can also able to become DSP through general promotion of an Inspector.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates must have citizenship of India.
  • Candidates compulsorily complete his/her graduation from an authorized university or institutions in his interested stream.
  • The age of the candidate must be above 21 years and not exceeding 30 years. In case of SC/ST candidates, they can a relaxation of 5 years in the upper age limitation and candidates from OBC will get 3 years of age relaxation.  
  • For male, candidates must attain minimum of 168 cm height and in case of female candidates, the minimum height criteria are 155 cm.
  • The minimum required chest expansion for male is 5 cm with 84 cm diameter chest.

Power of DSP

This post is very much similar to ACP or Assistant Commissioner of Police and is provided with some specific administrative and financial powers. They are given charge to maintain law and order under their administrative control of other subordinate officers.

They are provided Financial Powers as per the rule of 1986. Their main role is to supervise the SP or the Superintendent of Police and also control their duties.

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Facilities for DSP

Other than powers, DSP are also provided some facilities and benefits. We have list some common facilities provided to DSP.

  • Electricity is free for them and government paid their electricity bills.
  • Telephone is also free for them and government paid their bills.
  • DSP are also provided with official vehicles for free along with driver and beacon.
  • DSP are offered a staff quarter or self-residence at very low rate or without any charge.
  • If available, they are provided gardeners, cook and security guards.
  • They are welcomed with high level of arrangements.
  • They can avail the facility of pension. In case of their absence, their spouse will get the facility.

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DSP Full Form FAQs

Q1. What is the full form of DSP?

Ans: The full form of DSP is Deputy Superintendent of Police.

Q2. What is the similar party like DSP?

Ans: The similar post like DSP is ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police).

Q3. What is the salary of DSP?

Ans: The average salary of DSP is around Rs. 15,600 – Rs. 39,300.

Q4. What is the minimum qualification to appear in the examination for DSP?

Ans: You must complete your graduation to appear in the examination for DSP.

Q5. What is the minimum age to appear in the examination for DSP?

Ans: The minimum age to appear in the examination for DSP is 21 years.

Q7. What is the minimum height required for female?

Ans: The minimum height required for female is 155 cm.

Q8. Are DSP can avail the facility of pension?

Ans: Yes, DSP can avail the facility of pension and in absence of them, their spouse will avail the facility of pension.

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