Assistant Professor Salary, Allowances and Facilities

Assistant Professor Salary, Allowance and Facilities: Teaching is a noble profession and Assistant Professor is also a prestigious job. The UGC 7th Pay Commission pay scales had been implemented by the Central Government and UGC Pay Review Committee.

The Dearness Allowance of NET Lecturers/ Assistant Professor and Teacher rises up to 24%, 16% and 8%. This is a very good news for the personnel of this profession.

Assistant Professor Salary

If you are an aspirant of CSIR NET or UGC NET exams and do not know much about salary, allowance and facilities, then you are in the right place. This article is a very good content for the candidates aspiring for teaching like Lecturers/Assistant Professor.

In the coming section, we are going to provide you a detail information about salary of Assistant Professor, just stay tuned with our article and scroll down.

UGC 7th Pay Commission Overview

Go through some important points of the UGC 7th Pay Commission are provided below:

  • UGC 7th Pay Commission mentioned that the fund will be released by the University Grant Commission to the Universities or colleges which are approved by the UGC.
  • Almost in all the Universities and Colleges, there are 3 types of designations which are Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor. But, the other designations Library and Physical Education Personnel are not changed at the various levels.
  • As mentioned by the UGC 7th Commission, initial payment of Lecturer which was ₹ 37400 – ₹ 67000 teaching in the Universities and colleges rises up to ₹ 1.31 lakhs.
  • According to the Revised UGC Pay, the fixed Band Pay for Assistant Professor or Teacher including Grade Pay ₹ 10,000 increased to ₹ 1.44 lakhs.
  • The entry pay scale for Professors of Higher Administrative Grade (HAG) is ₹ 1.82 lakhs.
  • According to the UGC 7th Pay Commission, the pay scale of Principal/ Vice Principal and Associate Professor is same at the undergraduate colleges. The Special Allowance is given to the Principal is ₹2000 per month.
  • At the Post Graduate Colleges, the pay scale of the Principal and Professor is same. The Special Allowance provided to them is ₹ 3000 per month.
  • The pay scale for Vice Chancellors is ₹ 2.10 lakhs including ₹ 5000 Special Allowance per month.
  • Salary increment of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor and Vice Chancellor is around 22% to 28% annually.

Eligibility Criteria for Assistant Professor

  • The Candidates must have a minimum of 55% marks in their post-graduate.
  • All the candidates must crack NET exams such as UGC NET/ CSIR NET/ ICAR NET.

Assistant Professor Salary Structure

As per the Review Committee Report of the UGC 7th Pay Commission, from Assistant Professor to Professor which includes 6 levels. The revised structure of Grade Pay and Entry Level Salary for Assistant Professor and Professor as per different job level is mentioned below:

1. Assistant Professor (10)

  • Grade Pay: ₹ 6000
  • Entry Pay: ₹ 21600

2. Assistant Professor (11)

  • Grade Pay: ₹ 7000
  • Entry Pay: ₹ 25790

3. Assistant Professor (12)

  • Grade Pay: ₹ 8000
  • Entry Pay: ₹ 29900

4. Assistant Professor (13)

  • Grade Pay: ₹ 9000
  • Entry Pay: ₹ 49200

5. Assistant Professor (14)

  • Grade Pay: ₹ 10000
  • Entry Pay: ₹ 53000

6. Assistant Professor (15)

  • Entry Pay: ₹ 67000

Revised Pay Scale by UGC 7th Pay Commission

In the following discussion, you will get more information about the new UGC Pay Scale given to the Assistant Professor.

1. Assistant Professor

  • Current Pay Scale: ₹ 47304
  • Revised Pay Scale: ₹ 57700
  • Grade Pay: ₹ 6000

2. Assistant Professor (Senior Scale)

  • Current Pay Scale: ₹ 56480
  • Revised Pay Scale: ₹ 68900
  • Grade Pay: ₹ 7000

Rules for Promotion as per UGC 7th Pay Commission

The University Grants Commission has made a decision to do increment twice in a year for teaching department. In January months, first increment will be provided and the in the month of July the second increment will be offered. We have discussed the promotion rules decided by the UGC in the following section.

Ph.D. Degree Holders: Candidates having Ph.D. degree is given five advance increments which was four previously.

M.Phil. Degree Holder: The candidate with M.Phil. degree is provided three advance increments which was previously two.

M. Tech, M. D, M. S LLM Degree Holders: Candidates of M. Tech, M.D, M.S, LLM degree holder is provided three increments in place of two increments previously.

M. A, M.Sc., M. Com Degree Holders: Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc) and Master of Commerce (M. Com) degree holders along with NET/ SLET and working as Assistant Professor is given two advanced increments.

Associate Professor: The recruited Associate Professor as per Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) or through open selection will be provided two advance increments.

In-Service University Teacher: There is 3 advance increment for the candidates who are already in-service in teaching but doesn’t pursue PhD. After the completion of PhD degree, they will have two advance increments in every year.

Extraordinary Work: Employees having high working experience, better publication and high merit is provided five increments in the previous years. Presently, the committee recommended seven advance increments for the employees.

Benefits given to Assistant Professor

Being an Assistant Professor, employees can have many benefits during their professional life. The benefits that are facilitates by an Assistant Professor are:

High Salary: The professionals working as an Assistant Professor are paid a very high salary. This draws attention of the most of the candidates towards this profession.

Job Security: This is one of the main reason that choose their career in this profession. There are no such incidents that an Assistant Professor has been terminated. So, it has very high job security.  

Social Status: Assistant Professor is considered a very prestigious profession in our society. So, the employees working as an Assistant Professor is given huge respect.

Stability: This is a very stable job which are offered in India where one can do their job for a long duration. Assistant Professor is one of them.

Vacation Leave: Assistant Professors are allotted 24 days leave in a year. They can have their leave on the monthly basis.

Sick Leave: Assistant Professor can avail sick leave of 12 days in a year. If one did not take their sick leave in a specific year, then it will be carried forward to the next year and can be avail anytime they wish.

Allowance for Assistant Professor

Along with the higher payment, they are also provided with some allowance as per 7th Pay Commission such as:

  • Dearness Allowance (DA)
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • Travel Allowance
  • House Building Advance (HBA)

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Assistant Professor Salary: FAQs

Q1. What is the responsibility of an Assistant Professor?

Ans: The main responsibility of an Assistant Professor is to teach students in colleges.

Q2. Is Assistant Professor a good job?

Ans: Yes, the benefits and allowance given to Assistant Professor is sufficient for the employees which makes it a good career selection.

Q3. What is the salary of an Assistant Professor?

Ans: Initially, the salary of an Assistant Professor is ₹ 37400 – ₹ 67000.

Q4. What are the benefits and allowance provided to Assistant Professor?

Ans: The Assistant Professor is provided TA/DA, HRA, Shifting Allowance, House Rent Allowance (HRA), House Building Advance (HBA), Travel Leave, Sick Leave and others.

Q5. What is the salary for Assistant Professor having PhD?

Ans: Assistant Professor having PhD gets ₹ 6,00,000 initially and will rises up to ₹ 12,00,000.

Q6. What is the minimum education qualification required for Assistant Professor?

Ans: The minimum education qualification required for Assistant Professor is to complete post-graduation with 55% marks.

Q7. Is it mandatory to crack NET exam for Assistant Professor?

Ans: Yes, all the candidates have to crack NET examination to become Assistant Professor.

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