Air Hostess Salary in India

The main responsibilities of an Air Hostess are to guide passengers during boarding and inform passengers about all the safety measures while traveling. Employees of this profession need to have certain skills which are very essential like excellent communication skills, good personality, organizational skills, and other required skills to become successful as Air Hostess.

In the last decade, India has witnessed extraordinary growth in the area of the aviation industry which results in increased demand for Air Hostess. The average earning of an Air Hostess is around ₹ 5,75,000 per annum in India.

A good quality Air Hostess must possess some important factors such as knowledge, skills, experience, and other factors to earn a higher salary. In India, there are lots of airlines such as Spice Jet, Indigo, Vistara, and Air India which are also major contributing companies in the field of aviation industry in India.

If any Air Hostess wants to get international opportunities, they can join international aviation companies like Etihad, Emirates British Airways, and others which offer a salary of ₹ 8 lakhs – ₹ 16 lakhs per annum.

Salary of an Air Hostess by Experience

The average income of an Air Hostess is ₹ 5,75,000 per annum in India. However, the experience-wise salary of an air hostess is listed below.

  • For 0 – 5 years of Experience: ₹ 4,30,000 per annum
  • For 6 – 10 years of Experience: ₹ 6,90,000 per annum
  • For 11 – 15 years of Experience: ₹ 7,50,000 per annum
  • For 16 – 20 years of Experience: ₹ 10,00, 000 per annum

Top Paying Companies for Air Hostess

Name of the CompanyAverage Salary
Indigo₹ 6,70,000 per annum
Spice Jet₹ 5,10,000 per annum
Air India₹ 5,70,000 per annum
Go Airlines₹ 5,05,000 per annum
Qatar Airways₹ 6,80,000 per annum
Emirates₹ 8,30,000 per annum
Etihad Airlines₹ 7,90,000 per annum
Vistara₹ 5,20,000 per annum

Salary of an Air Hostess as per Qualification

There is an option for students to join the aviation industry as Air hostesses. After the completion of 12th grade, aspirants can join as Air Hostess. But it is advised to join after undergraduate or post-graduate to avail extra advantages with a higher salary.

  • For 12th Pass: ₹ 4,50,000 per annum
  • For Undergraduate: ₹ 6,20,000 per annum
  • For Post-Graduate: ₹ 9,10,000 per annum

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Salary of an Air Hostess as per Job Profile

The salary of an Air Hostess depends on the job profile of the employees. According to the specialization, the average salary of an Air Hostess is mentioned below.

Job ProfileAverage Salary
Flight Attendant₹ 4,20,000 per annum
Air Hostess₹ 5,30,000 per annum
Cabin Crew₹ 4,10,000 per annum
Sky Marshal₹ 5,70,000 per annum
Ground Staff₹ 3,60,000 per annum

Salary of an Air Hostess Based on Country

The demand for an Air Hostess is very high worldwide. It is obvious that the salary of an Air Hostess is higher on international airlines than on domestic airlines. If anyone wishes, they can join international airlines after having some experience in domestic airlines. The top paying countries for an Air Hostess are tabulated in the following section.

Name of the CountryAverage Salary
USA₹ 30,20,000 per annum
UK₹ 34,60,000 per annum
Australia₹ 26,50,000 per annum
Canada₹ 25,10,000 per annum
Germany₹ 21,30,000 per annum
Japan₹ 13,50,000 per annum
Dubai₹ 23,50,000 per annum

Required Skills for an Air Hostess

It is very important for an Air Hostess to have all the required skills to do better in their profession. The most demanded skill set for an air hostess is Excellent Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Punctuality, Problem- Solving skills, Leadership, Knowledge of multiple languages, Presence of mind, Multitasking, Pleasant, dynamic and Smart Personality.

Top Recruiting Companies for Air Hostess

There are some companies that are very popular in the airline industry. Top recruiters for air hostesses are Indigo, Air India, Spice Jet, GoAir, Qatar Airways, British Airways, Air Asia, Vistara, Emirates Airlines etc.

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This article is a detailed discussion of the salary of an Air Hostess in India. It is very important for the candidates to have complete knowledge about income in a specific profession. Hope, this is a compact bundle of information about the earning of an Air Hostess and will help to take decisions during career selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the job opportunities as Air Hostess?

Ans: An Air Hostess can perform duties as an Air hostess, Flight attendant, Cabin crew, or Airline Reservation Agent.

Q2. What is the average salary of an Air Hostess in India?

Ans: The average salary of an Air Hostess in India is around ₹ 5,75,000 per annum.

Q3. What is the highest salary an Air Hostess can earn in India?

Ans: An Air Hostess can earn as high as ₹ 15,00,000 per annum.

Q4. Are Air Hostess can avail of the facilities of pension after retirement?

Ans: After the retirement of an Air Hostess, they are offered life insurance, health insurance, and a pension plan. Apart from this, they can also avail of vacation leave and sick leave.

Q5. How much salary is offered to the freshers Air Hostess in India?

Ans: Initially, as a fresher, an Air Hostess can earn annually ₹ 2,00,000 per year.

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