Aerospace Engineer Salary in India 2023

Aerospace Engineer Salary 2023: An Aerospace Engineer is one of the engineering domain job and is very much popular among professionals. The Aerospace Engineering is mainly responsible for designing, construction and maintenance of Missiles, Spacecraft, Weapons Systems and Aircraft.

The main focus of an Aerospace Engineer is on the flight security, energy efficiency, operating expenses and environmental impact. Other than this, they also take part in the research and help to create innovative products. They investigate parts if there is any failure and damage in products.

A successful and experienced Aerospace Engineer must have in-depth knowledge in science, maths, mechanics and computer.

Eligible candidates must go through about the average salary paid to an Aerospace Engineer in India before application. The attraction of this profession is its high salary which offer to the employees. In the last few decades, this sector has seen outstanding growth which made impact on the salary of an Aerospace Engineer. Many new organizations work hard and innovative to do better in this field.

Aerospace Engineering Salary

The average salary offered to an Aerospace Engineer is around ₹ 750K per year which is nearly 93% higher as compared to the national average salary.

An Aerospace Engineer working in India can earn ₹ 40K per month. The income may be as much as low ₹ 20K per month to ₹ 64K per month which includes transport, housing, and other facilities.

There are certain factors which plays important role for the determination of their salary are location, experience, skills and gender. We have thoroughly discussed the Aerospace Engineering salary in India.

Aerospace Engineer Salary in India 2023

There is a good earning opportunity for Aerospace Engineer in India than other professions. The person joining government sector will get fixed amount of salary per month. But, for private engineer, it is totally different and varies time to time.

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It is found that the income of government Aerospace Engineer is around ₹ 240k to ₹ 480k per year. On the other hand, private Aerospace Engineer can earn ₹ 600k to ₹ 750k per year.

Average Salary of an Aerospace Engineer

  • Base Aerospace Engineer Salary per year: ₹ 240k – ₹ 1.9m per year
  • Bonus: ₹ 7,000 – ₹ 220k
  • Profit Sharing: ₹ 2,000 – ₹ 493k
  • Commission: 0 – ₹ 440k
  • Total Pay: ₹ 249k – ₹ 3m

Salary of Aerospace Engineer by Experience

Initially, Aerospace Engineer having less than 3 years of experience will earn around ₹ 2,40,000 per year. At the middle of their career, i.e. having an experience of 4 – 10 years, annual income will be approximately ₹ 750k per year. After becoming a senior-level Aerospace Engineer getting 10 – 20 years of experience, their average annual compensation is around ₹ 1.3m per year. An Aerospace Engineer with over 20 years of experience can make ₹ 1.9m per year.

  • For Entry-Level: ₹ 240k per year
  • For Mid-Career: ₹ 750k per year
  • For Senior-Level: ₹ 1.3m per year
  • For Above 20 Years: ₹ 1.9m per year

Aerospace Engineering Salary by Company

Skill of Aerospace Engineer is very important parameter while deciding salary. Due to the salary, an Aerospace Engineer have a luxurious lifestyle. In India, different organization offer varying range of salary to the employees. Aerospace Engineer can make lot of money from the following organizations.

1. Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO)

  • Year of Establishment: 1958
  • Headquarter: New Delhi
  • Average Salary per Month: ₹ 40k – ₹ 70k
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Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) is a government organization in India which is responsible for the improvement and research in military. Ministry of Defence which is under the Government of India is responsible for administration of DRDO.

2. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

  • Year of Establishment: 1969
  • Headquarter: Bengaluru
  • Average Salary per Month: ₹ 45k – ₹ 80k

It is a dream for every aspirant to join ISRO and give their contribution. This organization mainly deal with spacecraft and conduct research on it. Aerospace Engineers are recruited for the development and implementation of this sector.

3. National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL)

  • Year of Establishment: 1959
  • Headquarter: Bengaluru
  • Average Salary per Month: ₹ 40k

This is the first organization in the field of aerospace. National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) introduces the newest technology in aircraft and help national aerospace programmes to successful. This totally a technology-oriented organization whose main focus is the development of aerospace.

4. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)

  • Year of Establishment: 1964
  • Headquarter: Bengaluru
  • Average Salary per Month: ₹ 45k

HAL is a very popular organization in the field of aerospace. Indian Ministry of Defence regulates this organization. Main concentration is on designing aircraft, jet engines, helicopter and others.

Other than these organizations, there are lots of companies which offer jobs to the Aerospace Engineer with decent salary are Tata Advanced Systems Ltd, Mahindra Aerospace, Taneja Aerospace, L&T, Samtel Avionics, Pawan Hans Helicopters, Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA).

Aerospace Engineer Salary by Cities

CityAverage Salary
Agra₹ 35,000
Ahmadabad₹ 44,500
Bangalore₹ 44,800
Bhopal₹ 43,600
Chennai₹ 44,900
Coimbatore₹ 44,500
Delhi₹ 47,700
Ghaziabad₹ 38,500
Hyderabad₹ 46,000
Indore₹ 45,500
Jaipur₹ 43,900
Kanpur₹ 44,700
Kolkata₹ 47,600
Lucknow₹ 44,400
Ludhiana₹ 47,600
Madurai₹ 38,500
Mumbai₹ 49,500
Nagpur₹ 40,800
Patna₹ 38,300
Pimpri-Chinchwad₹ 43,500
Pune₹ 46,600
Surat₹ 47,400
Vadodara₹ 46,700
Visakhapatnam₹ 43,800

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There are lot of opportunities in different segments of this field but you have to be skilled accordingly. If you are an aspirant of Aerospace, then this is a very informative article in respect of salary. You need to go through this article and make a better understanding about the Aerospace engineer salary before taking any decision.

Aerospace Engineer Salary: FAQs

Q1. What is the average salary of Aerospace Engineer?

Ans: The average salary that an Aerospace Engineer is offered around ₹ 7,50,000 per year.

Q2. Does the salary of an Aerospace Engineer high?

Ans: Yes, an Aerospace Engineer earns a higher salary than any other profession in India. But, it depends on some factors like skills, knowledge, and working experience in that field.

Q3. Is it good to pursue Aerospace Engineer as a career?

Ans: Yes, it is good for an aspirant to choose their career as Aerospace Engineer and will get the opportunity to work in popular organizations like ISRO, HAL, DRDO, NAL, etc.

Q4. What are the top paying companies for Aerospace engineers?

Ans: There are some established companies in India such as ISRO, HAL, DRDO, NAL, Tata Advanced Systems Ltd, Mahindra Aerospace, Taneja Aerospace, L&T, Samtel Avionics, Pawan Hans Helicopters, Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) which offer a very higher salary to an Aerospace Engineer.

Q5. What is the highest salary given to an Aerospace Engineer?

Ans: Including all facilities, an Aerospace Engineer can earn the highest salary of Approximately ₹ 30 lakhs per year.

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