Psychologist Salary in India 2024

Psychologist Salary in India: Psychologist generally involves in the study of mental processes, human behavior, and experiences from different perspectives. They learn some scientific methods to improve human emotions, feelings, learning, perception, and reactions to different situations or to people.

So, basically, we can say that Psychology deals with the study of human mind and its reaction. Psychologist utilizes their experience, understanding, and skills to provide treatment who are suffering from mental disorders, trauma, and other related problems. The toughest part of their problem is that they have to treat patients through observation, assessment, and experimentation.

Salary of Psychologist

If you are interested in the study of Psychology and want to pursue a career in this field, then you can go through further details about the salary of Psychologists. This article is designed in such a way that you can avail all the information regarding the salary of Psychologists.

There is no doubt that in recent times Psychology is one of the most popular emerging fields. The salary available in this profession is the most important to choose it as a profession for most of the aspirants.

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Salary of Psychologist by Experience

Experience is one of the most important factors when offering a salary to a Psychologist. The much more experience a Psychologist has, the more will be their salary. Let’s discuss the salary of a Psychologist with the variation of experience.

  • For 0 – 3 Years of Experience: ₹ 3.3 LPA
  • For 1 – 4 Years of Experience: ₹ 4.5 LPA
  • For 5 – 10 Years of Experience: ₹ 6 LPA
  • For 10 – 20 Years of Experience: ₹ 8 LPA

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Salary of Psychologist by Company

CompanyAverage Salary
YourDOST₹ 3.84 LPA
Manas Foundation₹ 3.5 LPA
National Health Mission₹ 3.2 LPA
Apollo Life₹ 6.3 LPA
Accenture₹ 6.5 LPA
Silver Oak Health₹ 3.9 LAP
Tata Institute of Social Sciences₹ 4.1 LAP
Vydehi Institute of Medical₹ 3.5 LAP
Narayana Educational Society₹ 3.4 LAP

Salary of Psychologist by Profession

1. Industrial/Organizational Psychologist

  • Average Salary: ₹ 4.3 LPA
  • Minimum Eligibility Criteria: Master’s in Organizational Psychology.

The industry is an area where lots of employees are working and they need emotional support to execute various projects or operations. If you are fit for this role, then you can earn a lot of money from it.

The main responsibility of an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist is to maintain a balance between employees and productivity. So, they together bear results in favor of the organization and the workers involved in it.

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2. Psychiatrist

  • Average Salary: ₹ 9.75 LPA
  • Minimum Criteria: M.Phil from (Rehabilitation Council of India) RCI-licensed college.

sychiatrists not only work in the clinics but also work in different roles such as forensic psychiatrists, pediatric psychiatrists, military psychiatric, sports psychiatric, geriatric psychiatric, etc.

It is not an easy task to become a Psychiatrist. You must complete graduation in medical school and M. Phil from RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) certified college.

3. School Counsellor/Psychologist

  • Average Salary: ₹ 3.1 LPA

The importance of School Counsellors or Counsellors is very high. They mainly take care of the mental status of children like emotions in particular situations, learning attitudes, and problems related to behaviour. Their concern is not limited to the children only, faculty and management are also under their observation.

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The main motive to hire a school counselor is to function the system smoothly. This is the reason schools invest in Psychologists.

4. Forensic Psychologist

  • Average Salary: ₹ 5.6 LPA

Generally, Forensic Psychologists work with criminal and related cases. They treat patients in various ways to stabilize their mental condition. Their role in rehabilitation is very significant and led them to live normal life like other.

Simply, it can be said that they realize the criminal’s wrongdoing and rectify it psychologically. So that they live a normal life and behave normally with other people.

5. Counselling Psychologist

  • Average Salary: ₹ 3.7 LPA

Counselling Psychologists provide solutions by counselling face-to-face within a very short period of time. In counselling, doctors make a deep insight view of behaviour to get better results. Through this view, the root of the problem can be found such as relationship problems, career issues, work pressure etc.

6. Sports Psychologist

  • Average Salary: ₹ 5.9 LPA

Psychologists not only understand the human mind but also the function of the human body. Sports Psychologists have complete knowledge about emotions related to different games. They help athletes to focus on their goals and play a big role to achieve success. With the help of their guidance, very often athletes get very high success.

7. Child Psychologist

  • Average Salary: ₹ 4.9 LPA

As the children grow up, parents face many mental challenges. There are many cases when parents are not able to deal with problems and then consult with a Child Psychologist.

Child Psychologists take care of the mental well-being of the children and keep them mentally healthy. Child Psychologists can join organizations or they can do private practice to earn a decent amount of money.

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8. Education Psychologist

  • Average Salary: ₹ 8 LPA

An education Psychologist is another kind of Psychologist who involves with the education system. Generally, school psychologists treat fear and anxiety levels for specific things, but Education Psychologists take care of the intellectual growth of children.

The income of an Education Psychologist is around ₹ 8 LPA and may earn through private practice.

9. Neuropsychologist

Average Salary: ₹ 5.2 LPA

Neuropsychologists are specialized professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the brain. They have a complete understanding of the different parts of the brain which produce sadness or excitement. They determine how the body reacts in various situations and a balance in our body.

The career of a Neuropsychologist is very bright and satisfying with a sufficient amount of payment.

10. Clinical Psychologist

Average Salary: ₹ 3.75 LAP

A Clinical Psychologist has a complete understanding of all the mental conditions present in human behavior. They provide treatment for all mental disorder conditions such as depression, anxiety, personality disorder, etc. They can join hospitals or other organizations along with personal practice.

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Psychologist Salary FAQs

What is the average salary of Psychologist in India?

The average salary of Psychologist is approximately ₹ 3.5 lakhs per annum.

What is the average earning of Neuropsychologist in India?

The Neuropsychologist can earn ₹ 5.2 lakhs per annum in India.

Name some popular companies for Psychologist in India?

There are some companies like Fortis Healthcare, YourDOST, Chegg, Accenture etc. which offer higher payment to Psychologist in India.

What is the starting salary of Psychologists in India?

At the initial level, the salary of Psychologist is around ₹ 2.4 lakhs per annum in India.


As a career, a Psychologist is one of the top-earning professions in our country. In recent times, Psychologist is in huge demand, and earnings are also higher than any other profession in India. I hope, this article will help you to know salary details for different branches of Psychology.

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