Physiotherapist Salary, Allowances and Facilities 2022


Physiotherapist Salary, Allowances and Facilities: Physiotherapy is related to the physical disorder mainly in the movement of the patient. So, we can say that person who take care of the patient and help them to improve their condition are known as physiotherapist. A physiotherapist provide treatment to the patients who are suffering from any kind of physical dysfunction.

An in-depth knowledge about anatomy and musculoskeletal is must to become a good physiotherapist. This therapy contains Massage, Exercise, Medication and Stretching.

Physiotherapist Salary

In physiotherapy, there are certain operations as in the other department like physical examination, diagnosis of the disease, treatment, and provide advice or suggestion which are related to the dysfunction of movement. This is a very old kind of treatment to improve physical activities.


The most important thing of this field is income which is far better than any other field. In India, average earning of a physiotherapist is around INR 300k per year. It is a very decent profession and is in very high demand in recent time as people are now very much concern about their health.

Eligibility Criteria for Physiotherapist

Eligibility criteria to take admission in physiotherapy graduation is discussed below.

  • The candidates need to clear 12th board examination or other equivalent degree from a recognized board.
  • The candidates must obtain a minimum of 50% having Physics, Chemistry and Biology as their main subjects.
  • Some institutions take admission test to grant admission in their institution. Some popular entrance examinations are GGSIPU CET, Common Entrance Test (CET) and many other examinations.
  • You can also apply for Physiotherapy in institutions where you can take admission directly as per your academic performance in the 12th board examination.

Top Position of Physiotherapist

  • Junior Physiotherapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Sports Physiotherapists
  • Lead Physiotherapist
  • Physiotherapy Training Instructor
  • Chief Physiotherapists

Physiotherapist Salary 2022

Initially, salary of a Physiotherapist is approximately INR 3 – 4 lakhs per annum. Earning is totally associated with the skill and experienced of the Physiotherapist. After having 10 years of experience in this field, they will be promoted to the higher post.

If you are really an interested candidate of this profession, then this will be a very informative article for you. In this article, we will discuss the salary of a Physiotherapist in detail.


For better understanding, we have divided salary of Physiotherapist in some specific category.

Average salary of Physiotherapist in India

  • Salary: INR 122k – INR 615k
  • Bonus: INR 2k – INR 98k
  • Profit Sharing: INR 2k – INR 255k
  • Commission: INR 3k – INR 101k
  • Total Pay: INR 129k – INR 1m

Physiotherapist Salary as per Position

Average salary of physiotherapist as per position including bonus and profit sharing.

  • Junior Physiotherapist: INR 60k – 310k
  • Physiotherapist: INR 68k – 408k
  • Sports Physiotherapist: INR 60k – 378k
  • Lead Physiotherapist: INR 66k – 943k
  • Chief Physical Therapists: INR 82k – 531k

Salary of Physiotherapist as per Experience

1. Junior Physiotherapist

  • Less than 1 Year of Experience: INR 60k – 240k
  • Around 1-4 Years of Experience: INR 60k – 305k

2. Physiotherapist

  • Less than 1 Year of Experience: INR 51k – 290k
  • 1-4 Years of Experience: INR 60k – 310k
  • 5-9 Years of Experience: INR 100k – 794k
  • 10-19 Years of Experience: INR 104k – 800k

3. Sports Physiotherapists

  • 1-4 Years of Experience: INR 96k – 294k

4. Lead Physiotherapist

  • 1-4 Years of Experience: INR 66k – 750k
  • 5-9 Years of Experience: INR 75k – 1m

5. Physiotherapy Training Instructor

  • Less than 1 Year of Experience: INR 72k – 330k

6. Chief Physiotherapists

  • 1-4 Years of Experience: INR 82k – 177k
  • 5-9 Years of Experience: INR 72k – 715k
  • 10-19 Years of Experience: INR 210k – 492k

Physiotherapist Salary in Govt Institutions

Physiotherapist are offered decent amount in government organizations with an average salary package of INR 5 lakhs.

DPT Salary in India

Generally, physiotherapist threat patients having difficulty in physical movement and not able to perform daily activities properly. Along with this, they also to boost overall physical health of the patients. They manage and keep records of progressive report to track health status of the patients. The average salary of physical therapist (PT) in India is INR 275k.

Salary of Physiotherapist by Gender

The percentage of female Physiotherapist is higher in this field. There are around 72% of female physiotherapist and as Sports Physiotherapist, they are 63%. Their performance as physiotherapist is outstanding and commendable.

Women’s contribution as a Chief Physiotherapist is around 40%. Approximate salary provided to Physiotherapist is mentioned below.

1. Junior Physiotherapist

  • Female: INR 91k – 196k

2. Physiotherapist

  • Male: INR 90k – 228k
  • Female: INR 83k – 224k

3. Lead Physiotherapist

  • Male: INR 86k – 230k
  • Female: INR 96k – 330k

4. Chief Physiotherapists

  • Male: INR 170k – 490k
  • Female: INR 117k – 305k

Salary of Physiotherapist as per Cities

1. Ahmedabad

  • Average Salary: NR 117k – 488k

2. Chennai

  • Average Salary: INR 70k – 398k

3. Bangalore

  • Average Salary: INR 60k – 340k

4. Delhi

  • Average Salary: INR 55k – 370k

5. Hyderabad

  • Average Salary: INR 100k – 200k

6. Mumbai

  • Average Salary: INR 82k – 608k

7. Kerala

  • Average Salary: INR 218k

Salary of Physiotherapist as per Industry

1. Junior Physiotherapist

  • Health Clinic: INR 60k – 255k
  • Physical Therapy: INR 64k – 318k
  • Hospital: INR 62k – 294k
  • Healthcare: INR 63k – 306k

2. Sports Physiotherapists

  • Healthcare: INR 66k – 480k
  • Physical Therapy: INR 65k – 490k

3. Lead Physiotherapist

  • Hospital: INR 70k – 495k
  • Healthcare: INR 70k – 532k
  • Physical therapy: INR 70k – 518k

4. Chief Physiotherapists

  • College University: INR 86k – 652k
  • Healthcare: INR 77k – 540k
  • Hospital: INR 76k – 504k

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Career Growth of Physiotherapist in India

In recent times, Indians are very much aware about their health and preventive measures. So, normally it increases the demand of skilled Physiotherapist personnel in India.

Many health organizations like hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, private clinics, medical centers, fitness centers, orthopaedic units in different parts of the country are recruiting skilled physical therapists.

Employment Areas for Physiotherapist

After completing degree course in Physiotherapy, they can choose any of the areas as Physiotherapist.

There are some popular departments where they can join as Pharma Industry, Orthopaedic Departments, Sports Clubs, Sports Training facilities, Defence Medical Organisations, Colleges and Universities, Health Institutions, Rehabilitation Centres, Private and Govt Sectors, Gyms and Fitness Centres, Fitness Centres, Sports Training facilities, Schools for Physically Disabled and Mentally Retarded Children.

From the above discussion, it can be said that main factor for the increment of salary is experience. As you gain more experience, you can expect higher salary. So, try to be an experienced Physiotherapist with proper skill.

Hope, our effort in this article is a successful one as it provides you detailed information regarding Physiotherapist Salary in India.

Physiotherapist Salary: FAQs

Q1. What is the average salary offered to Physiotherapist in India?

Ans: The average salary of Physiotherapist in India is approximately INR 3 lakhs – 5 lakhs.

Q2. What is the initial salary of Physiotherapist in India?

Ans: Initially, the salary of a Physiotherapist is around 2.5 lakhs per annum.

Q3. What is the salary of a Physiotherapist in different top cities in India?

Ans: Physiotherapists are paid higher in different top cities in India as New Delhi: INR 55k – 370k; Mumbai: INR 83k – 608k; Hyderabad: INR 100k – 200k.

Q4. What are the required skills for a Physiotherapist?

Ans: The required skills to be a good Physiotherapist are able to speak with convincing voice, Good in speaking English, Clarity of voice, Good at operating equipment, have complete scientific knowledge about procedures, Confidence at their work, outstanding in their presentation.

Q5. What is the minimum eligibility criteria for Physiotherapist?

Ans: The candidates need to complete 12th board examination or equivalent degree with 50% marks for BPT course having Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as their main subjects.

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