How to Choose Best Scoring Optional Subject for WBCS Main?

If you carefully see the recruitment process of WBCS, clearly understood that who are willing to sit for Group A and Group B need to choose optional subject for WBCS Main. The score in GS papers almost same but the score of optional papers makes difference.

If you carefully observe the performance of top 100-150, you can see the marks in the optional papers is the sticking point.

Best Scoring Optional Subject for WBCS

Most of the time it is found that candidates select wrong optional paper which results that they were unable to make position in the merit list. In addition, selection of wrong optional paper causes wastage of time & resources which effects GS papers score. Finally, it may be the reason of your frustration.

Here, in this article, we are trying to resolve the issues an aspirant face during the selection of optional papers. When candidates willing to choose optional papers, there are some questions arises in their mind which most of the time they cannot find the answer.

The thinking appears in candidates minds that are:

  • Which is the highest scoring paper?
  • In which subject most of the people got success?
  • Taking the subject in which he graduated.

You can score better in any subject if you have a good concept about that subject. But the term ‘scoring’ implies that you can score higher even if you give less effort.

There are some factors which must be considered while choosing Optional Subject for WBCS Exam. After this discussion you will be able to an optional paper which is suitable for you.

How to Choose Optional Subject for WBCS?

Interest in the Subject

Interest in any subject doesn’t mean that you can score better. Proper understanding and ability to answer the questions of that subject. So interest as well as understanding of that subject will make you comfortable in the preparation.

Syllabus and Integration with GS Papers

It is a good decision to choose an optional paper which will cover GS papers as well. It will be beneficial you and at a time you can prepare for both. Subjects like History and Geography will help you a lot in GS papers.

Also, subjects like Polity and Economy help you a little in GS preparation. There are few subjects like philosophy and Psychology is helpful for interview. Sort out few subjects and find out that subjects which are related to GS papers and consider it for further.

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Length of the Syllabus

Get the syllabus from trustworthy websites and make a proper sense of it. Length of the syllabus doesn’t matter, any subject if it is lengthy doesn’t mean that cannot score.

Many students think, short length syllabus is scoring and easy to take preparation. Some aspirants take optional paper like Philosophy, Hindi Literature, Pali Literature, etc. being short length syllabus and failed to score. Try to take that kind of subject which is benefited for your preparation.

Availability of Study Material

It is an important point to think weather study material available. Basic level books are not sufficient as it doesn’t elaborate topics. A good quality book is essential to understand the topic and writing the answer. Quality of answers will be compromised and good quality answer is needed to score better.

A single book doesn’t cover the whole syllabus. A good quality series of books is needed to cover. Sources other than book will boost your preparation and totally fulfill the recruitment.

High Scoring Subject

The most vital thing is score that takes closer to your goal. Science is always a good scoring subject like Chemistry, Physics, Math, engineering subjects and also there are few literatures like Sanskrit, Pali etc. You can score 300+ or near about it in any subject, if you have outstanding preparation. You can score around 300 in Psychology, Economics, Psychology or Anthropology.

Subject and its Preparation

Every subject has its own volume and importance. Proper strategy and execution on it is must, to prepare for every subject and is different for different subjects. If you want to make yourself prepared at exam level, you should have proper strategy.

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Calculate, how much time will it take to reach exam level and how much effort would be given to do so. If you have books, study material & others resources to meet your goal then you can choose that subject, otherwise think of other subject.

Ability to relate with the Subject

It is really give you advantage if you are able to relate your preparation for optional paper with GS papers. Think again and again the ability to understand the chosen subject in spite of your keen interest.

You should also take into account that the effort needed to prepare is in the range of your capacity, if it is not then consider other subject is better option.

Proper Guidance

The coaching centers offers only a limited number of optional papers and you may not have guidance from them. So, you need to have a proper guidance as the level of exam and innovative type questions since past few years. Expert guidance can give your preparation an extra boost.

Analyze Question Paper

Get print out of last 10 years of the chosen paper. Go through this paper deeply and find out where you must give emphasis. Try to understand the pattern and different types of question paper.

The above factors must be considered and these decision-making factors help you to understand about optional papers. Now, we will talk over few steps that finally clear you, which optional is preferable for you.

Step 1: Have a print of optional paper list from WBPSC notification.

Step 2: Go through the list of papers attentively.

Step 3: Read all subjects whether you will take or not. For example, being a student of science department, don’t ignore subjects like History, Geography, Polity, Economy etc. Read thoroughly in detail the syllabus of all the subjects before shorting out.

Step 4: Now, you have picked the desirable subjects and the number of options become less which also lesser your difficulties in taking your decision. You must be more careful before eliminating any subject.

Step 5: Now, you have very few subjects in your hand. Compare your selected papers with the factors discussed above. If it is fulfilled by any subject, then consider it for further.

Step 6: Now, make a list according to their priorities. It is clear to you that; which subject is the most suitable for you. Get the basic books of that subject and read at least for a week or two.

After reading books, you can analyze yourself whether you can continue with it or not. If you are unable to continue go to the next subject and so on.

Step 7: Now, it is time to finalize your optional paper. Choose the subject which is suitable within your comfortable zone. Selection of optional paper should be logical and do not carried away with rumors.

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If we consider results of last few years, we can see that Psychology and Anthropology making their at top. Sociology is considered as an evergreen optional paper because of good results. Subjects related to science is high scoring but you have to be very good in it.

Remember, whatever may be your subject, ultimately your commitment and hard work will bear fruit. In our short discussion, we have tried to make it easy for you to choose optional paper.

Hope this article will help you to choose optional subject for WBCS Main. If you like this article, then share with your friends. Also, you can follow us on Facebook for latest update.

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