Highest Waterfall in India 2023

Highest Waterfall in India: Generally, when a river is flowing through the mountains or hilly areas, sometime it falls from a higher region to the comparatively lower region due to gravitational force is referred to as waterfall or cascade.

Waterfalls are formed due to the different rate of erosion of rocks. Whenever, river is flowing through the hard rock then erosion is lower and when flowing through the soft rock then the erosion is higher. After a certain time, soft rock become steeper and ultimately formed a waterfall.

Highest Waterfall in India

When water falls from a certain height have some kinetic energy in it and uses it to produce hydroelectric power. We can find different types of waterfalls which makes beautiful scenario promoting tourist attraction.

Different type of waterfalls are Cascading waterfalls, Ledge Waterfalls, Segmented waterfall, Cataract waterfall, Plunge waterfall, Block waterfall, Multistep waterfall, Fan waterfall, Punchbowl waterfall etc.

In India, land of waterfalls, also has a number of waterfalls. Here, we discussed some of the famous waterfalls.

Top 11 Highest Waterfall in India

1. Bhambavli Waterfalls

  • Height: 560 m (1840 feet)
  • Location: Satara, Western Maharashtra near Sahyadri Hills.

It is India’s tallest and second tallest plunge waterfall with 3 tiered. Urmodi river fed this waterfall which gets its water from rainfall. It is also a devotional place which is related to Saint Samarth Ramdas Swami.

2. Kunchikal Waterfalls

  • Height: 455 m (1493 feet).
  • Location: Shimoga district, Karnataka.

This is the second highest waterfall in India. This waterfall is formed in Varahi river which is in the Western Ghats. This waterfall is a rainfed. High power electricity is generated through a hydroelectric power project. Mani dam is constructed near this waterfall.

3. Barehipani Waterfalls

  • Height: 399 m (1309 feet).
  • Location: Mayurbhanj district, Odisha.

This is the third highest waterfall in India after Bhambavli Vajrai waterfalls and Kunchikal Waterfalls which has 55 m difference to Kunchikal Waterfalls. This waterfall is on Budhabalanga river.

The waterfall is of two tiered i.e. water is falling in two drops. Water is flowing throughout the year in this waterfall. This is situated is in the Simlipal National Park.

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4. Nohkalikai Waterfalls

  • Height: 340 m (1115 feet).
  • Location: East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya.

It is known as world’s highest leaping waterfalls. This waterfall is fed by rain water. The famous place near Nohkalikai Waterfalls is Cherapunji, the wettest place on earth. The name of this waterfalls is named after a woman Ka Likai who committed suicide here by jumping off.

5. Nohsngithiang or Mawsmai Waterfalls

  • Height: 315 m (1033 feet).
  • Location: East Khasi, Meghalaya.

Nohsngithiang Waterfalls is also termed as the Seven Sisters fall as it has several strands of cascade flowing down in parallel. World’s wettest place, Cherapunji is located nearby. Mawsmai village of East Khasi Hills is approximately 1 km away.

6. Dudhsagar Waterfalls

  • Height: 310 m (1017 feet).
  • Location: Karnataka and Goa Border.

Dudhsagar also known as ‘The Sea of Milk ‘ and is famous for its spectacular trajectory. It is also a famous tourist spot. In monsoon when it gets huge amount of water, it becomes a powerful waterfall and takes incredible look. It made four water drops while flowing down. Mandovi river which is at Goa and Karnataka state border fed this waterfall.

7. Kynrem Waterfalls

  • Height: 305 m (1001 feet).
  • Location: East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya.

Kynrem are one of the most beautiful waterfalls is within the Thangkharang Park. It is a tourist attraction spot of Cherapunji which is only 12 km away. It is a three tiered waterfalls.

8. Meenmutty Waterfalls

  • Height: 300 m (984 feet).
  • Location: Wayanad District, Kerala.

It is the eighth tallest in India and tallest waterfalls in Kerala with a height of 300 m. The name Meenmutty derived from the Malayalam words meen which means fish and Mutty which means blocked. It becomes very dangerous during monsoon season as it is a rainwater fed. The memorable place for tourist is lush green tea plantations.

9. Thalaiyar Waterfalls

  • Height: 297 m (974 feet).
  • Location: Betlagundu, Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu.

Thalaiyar Waterfalls is also famous as Horsetail type or Rat tail type which is located in a very dense forest near Palani Hills in Tamil Nadu state. It is the highest waterfall in the Tamil Nadu state. It is one of the biggest and beautiful river in India.

10. Barkana Waterfalls

  • Height: 259 m (830 feet).
  • Location: Shimoga district, Karnataka.

It is situated in Agumbe, Shimoga district of Karnataka which is fed by the Seetha river. As this waterfall gets water from rainfall, it only appears during monsoon. A dense forest of Western Ghats surrounds this waterfall and also popularly known as Cherapunji of the South India.

11. Jog Waterfalls or Gerusoppe Waterfalls

  • Height: 253 m (830 feet).
  • Location: Shimoga district, Karnataka.

Jog waterfalls is also known as Jogada Gundi Waterfall which is fed by Sharavati river. It is one of the highest plunge waterfall. Tourists across India as well as foreign visits this place in large numbers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the highest waterfall in India and in which state it is situated?

Ans: The highest waterfall in India is Bhambavli Vajrai waterfalls which is situated in Satara, Western Maharashtra.

Q2. What is the height of the highest waterfall in India?

Ans: Bhambavli Vajrai, the highest waterfall in India is 560 m (1840 feet) high.

Q3. Which waterfalls is situated in the Simlipal National Park?

Ans: Barehipani Waterfalls of Mayurbhanjan, Odisha is situated in the Simlipal National Park.

Q4. Which waterfalls is known as Seven Sisters?

Ans: Nohsngithiang or Mawsmai of East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya is popularly known as Seven Sisters waterfalls.

Q5. Which waterfalls is known as ‘The Sea of Milk’?

Ans: Dudhsagar which is situated at the border of Goa and Karnataka is also known as ‘The Sea of Milk’.

Q6. Which Waterfalls is famous for Spectacular Trajectory?

Ans: Dudhsagar waterfalls is famous for Spectacular Trajectory.

Q7. Which is the highest waterfall in Kerala?

Ans: Meenmutty waterfalls in Wayanad District is the highest waterfall in Kerala.

Q8. Which waterfalls is known as rat tail waterfalls?

Ans: Thalaiyar waterfalls of Tamil Nadu is known as rat tail waterfalls.

Q9. Which river fed Jog Waterfalls?

Ans: Jog waterfalls is fed by Sharavati river.

Q10. Which waterfalls is known as the Cherapunji of South India?

Ans: Barkana waterfalls of Karnataka is known as the Cherapunji of South India.

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