Graphic Designer Salary, Allowance and Facility 2022


Graphic Designer Salary, Allowance and Facility: Graphic Designing is a profession where employees will be involved in creating images and graphics using various applications such as Photoshop and Flash.

They are not creating graphics just for fun, they also use it for commercial use. The experience of graphic designer is utilized in different industries like marketing, e-commerce, retail, advertising, publishing, printing, for the establishment of communication between corporates and also for the management of Brand.

If anyone wants to pursue their career in graphic designing, they must have innovative thinking, creativity, up to date with the latest technologies and about the software essential for their job. Graphic Designer must have good communication skills as they have to interact with various types of clients who are may be of from non-technical profession.


If you are a graphic designer, then you have to liaised with clients from different fields to get an overview of the design.

Graphic Designer Salary in India

Before entering into any profession, all the candidates need to collect complete information about the jobs like how much is the average salary of that profession?

What are the allowance and facilities provided to the employees?

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If you are an aspirant of graphic designing, then stay tuned with our article. You will get all the information from this article.

Graphic Designer Salary in India

In India, the average salary of a graphic designer is around INR 90,000 – INR 525,000. Initially, a fresh graphic designer gets approximately INR 90,000 – INR 600,000 per annum. On the other hand, a senior graphic designer may earn about INR 180,000 – INR 800,000.

With experience, the amount of income will increase of a graphic designer. If you have some better technical skills like Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), User Interface Design, Adobe Design, Illustration etc. which will help you to get better salary package.

Average Salary of Graphic Designer

  • Salary in India: INR 123,000 – INR 594,000 per month
  • Bonus: INR 1,900 – INR 72,000
  • Profit Sharing: INR 9000 – INR 112,000
  • Commission: INR 17,000
  • Total Payment: INR 124,000 – INR 612,000 per month

Salary of Graphic Designer in Various Companies

Monthly salary of a graphic designer in India in various companies are listed below:

CompaniesApprox. Salary(INR)
Affinity Express19,000
Ad2Pro Media Solutions Private Limited17,500
Creative Printing & Graphic Design28,000
Design Boxed14,500
R.R. Donnelley22,500

Yearly Salary of Graphic Designer in India

CompaniesSalary per year(INR)
Affinity Express1,84,500
Cognizant Technology Solutions3,96,000
R.R. Donnelley3,37,800
Tata Consultancy Services4,08,000

Salary of Graphic Designer as per Qualification

  • Bachelor of Science (BS /BSc) Computer Science (CS) – INR 94000 – INR 183000
  • Bachelor of Science (BS/BSc) Visual Communication – INR 224000 – INR 308000
  • Bachelor’s Degree – INR 93000 – INR 471000
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) – INR 125000 – INR 270000
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) Graphic Design – INR 187000 – INR 350500
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) Graphic Design – INR 125000 – INR 280000
  • Associate’s Degree – INR 93000 – INR 486000

Graphic Designer Salary as per Industry

  • Advertising Agency – INR 105000 – INR 494000
  • e-Learning Solutions – INR 114000 – INR 518000
  • Graphic Arts/Design – INR 107000 – INR 493000
  • Information Technology (IT) Services – INR 111000 – INR 480000
  • Printing & Publishing – INR 108000 – INR 489000
  • Media and Entertainment – INR 101000 – INR 590000

Salary of Graphic Designer as per Experience

  • 1 year or less – INR 59000 – INR 349000
  • 1-4 years – INR 88000 – INR 357000
  • 5-9 years – INR 119000 – INR 593000
  • 10-19 years (Senior Graphic Designer) – INR 128000 – INR 664000

Salary of Graphic Designer in India Based on Skills

  • Microsoft Office – INR 94000 – INR 477000
  • Adobe Photoshop – INR 98000 – INR 460000
  • Illustration – INR 96000 – INR 482000
  • Desktop Publishing – INR 84000 – INR 368000
  • Flash – INR 98000 – INR 485000
  • Adobe Illustrator – INR 106000 – INR 469000
  • Adobe Acrobat – INR 123000 – INR 512000
  • Graphic Design – INR 106000 – INR 446000
  • Design – INR 96000 – INR 459000

Graphic Designer Salary in India State wise

  • Andhra Pradesh – INR 93000 – INR 363000
  • Delhi – INR 119000 – INR 485000
  • Karnataka – INR 116000 – INR 593000
  • Kerala – INR 55000 – INR 304000
  • Maharashtra – INR 99000 – INR 497000
  • Tamil Nadu – INR 85000 – INR 382000
  • West Bengal – INR 62000 – INR 669000

Job Profile of Graphic Designer

Being a graphic designer is not an easy task as it requires lots of various types of skills. You must be passionate as well as flexible for this profession.

The working hour is around 35-40 hours in a week for graphic designer. They need to spend a lots of time in front of computer in their studios. There are some areas like marketing, publishing and advertising industry which faces client’s deadline and you have to overtime whenever needed.

Most of the team meetings and evaluations are managed by the graphic designing as it must seem interesting and wonderful. In the meetings, senior graphic designer represents ideas and designs to the clients.


Career in the graphic designing is very good selection and will spend most of the time with computer in the world of imagination.

The most important part of this profession is that you don’t need to have any degree to become a graphic designer. But, educational qualification will help you to progress further in your career and getting better opportunities.

It is better for you to develop your own graphic designing portfolio and get proper experience by taking internship in various companies. If you create a website as an example of your work, then it will reflect your knowledge in the field.

Job Opportunities for Graphic Designer

India has a huge market for graphic designer and one can make their career in various areas of this profession. With the boom of various industry, the scope has also increased. Job opportunities of a graphic designer in India are Graphic Designer, Senior Graphic Designer, Art Director, User Interface Designer (Computer Software Applications), Web Designer, Senior Web Designer, Web Designer & Developer, User Interface Designer, User Experience Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Senior User Experience Designer etc.

Benefits of Graphic Designing

This is a profession where you can express your creative thinking as well as earns a good amount of salary. You can express your thought through different modes such as print, web etc.

In present days, a graphic designer is needed in all films which are released by film industry. So, there are lots of scope for graphic designer in this field.

Graphic designer has the opportunity to work as a freelancer where you are the boss of your own. Here, you are free to select duty times of your own comfort. There is no supervisor to instruct you.

If you are working under any organization, it will provide you all necessary equipment, software and a working environment. The best part of this organization is that the payment is given within the specified time.

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Graphic Designer Salary: FAQs

Q1. How much salary is paid to a fresh graphic designer?

Ans: Around INR 2 – 4 lakhs are paid to a fresh graphic designer.

Q2. What are the basic benefits provided to graphic designer?

Ans: Along with their salary package, they are provided with some basic facilities such as medical, sick leave, dental, life insurance, and retirement plans in most of the organization.

Q3. What are the job profiles for graphic designers?

Ans: There are lots of job opportunities for graphic designer such as Graphic Designer, Senior Graphic Designer, Art Director, User Interface Designer (Computer Software Applications), Web Designer, Senior Web Designer, Web Designer & Developer etc.

Q4. What are the courses available to become graphic designer?

Ans: The courses available to become graphic designer are Bachelor of Science (BS /BSc) Computer Science (CS), Bachelor of Science (BS/BSc) Visual Communication, Bachelor of Arts (BA) Graphic Design etc.

Q5. What are the popular industries for graphic designer?

Ans: There are some industries like Information Technology (IT) Services, Printing & Publishing, Advertising Agency, Graphic Arts/Design which are very much popular for graphic designer.


With the advancement of digital technology like social media which results the increase of online marketing. Thus, the demand of graphic designer increases unexpectedly. You can also join online courses, if you want to pursue your career in graphic designing.

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