Forest Guard Salary, Allowances, Facilities

Forest Guard Salary, Allowance and Facilities: Forest Guards have very crucial role when we talked about the conservation of wild life by ensuring water and food. They work very hard in challenging situation and very often they even don’t have drinking water. The forest guard officers are Group-B gazetted government officer of the particular state.

During their duty, they face threats and attacks of wild animals, poachers and villagers. There is also a very difficult challenge in summer when the chance of wildfires is very high. At the ground level, forest guards are the responsible authority to work in the forest department in a state.

Salary of Forest Guard in India

Forest Guards are responsible to protect natural resources in various national parks, bio-reserve and others. They are the medium through which a harmonious relation between man and environment maintains. They check throughout the forest that there are any illegal activities in the forest or not.

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Roles and Responsibilities of Forest Guard

Throughout India, in every forest department, forest guards are appointed to maintain the condition of the forest. They are given with certain responsibilities which we have mentioned in the following points as:

  • Their main responsibility is to protect the forest and its wildlife which lived within it.
  • They are aware about the botanical and zoological resources of the forest.  
  • They perform various operations in the forest when required.
  • If there are any offenses, it is their duty to detect.
  • They need to perform all the duties which are allotted to them.
  • Avail medical treatment to the animals who are injured and relocate if necessary.
  • Take necessary steps for the expansion of the forest.
  • Supervise the legal and commercial exploitation of the forest resources.
  • If there are any construction within the area of forest such as construction of roads, bridges, dams, fences and canals, then it is their duty to oversee the process.
  • Maintain the connectivity of telephone and electricity.
  • Install different signboards and warning placards at their proper places where necessary.
  • Prepare a report which would be submitted to the forest department as well as forest ministry.

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Eligibility Criteria for Forest Guard

Before applying for the forest guard post, you must have complete knowledge regarding eligibility criteria. We have discussed the eligibility criteria for forest guard in detail.


Only the citizen of India is allowed to appear for the recruitment examination of forest guard.

Age Limit

The age of the candidates must be in between 21 years to 30 years. There is some relaxation of age for certain categories as mentioned below:

  • For SC/ST candidates: No relaxation in minimum age but they will 5 years of age relaxation.
  • For MBC/ DT: They will get 5 years of age relaxation in upper age.
  • BC, BCM and DW: They will avail the benefits of 5 years of age relaxation.

Educational Qualification

Candidates need to complete their secondary education to appear in the competitive examinations conducted for Forest Guards.

Physical Standards

For Male:

  • Height (cm): 163
  • Chest Normal (cm): 79
  • Chest Expansion (cm): 05

For Female:

  • Height (cm): 150
  • Chest Normal (cm): 74
  • Chest Expansion (cm): 05


1. Right Eye

  • Distant vision: 6/6
  • Near vision: 0.5

2. Left Eye

  • Distant vision: 6/6
  • Near vision: 0.5

Average Forest Guard Salary in India

Most of the candidates chooses their career as per the salary of that job. Many candidates motivated by the higher salary given to them during professional life. Here, you will get to know the salary of a forest guard employee.


Pay Matrix Level: 4

Pay scale: ₹ 21, 700 – ₹ 69, 100

Basic Salary: ₹ 18,000

Allowances: Dearness Allowance (DA), Medical Allowance, House Rent Allowance (HRA), Travel Allowance (TA).

Salary given to forest guard as per the Pay Matrix Level 4 which is under the 7th pay commission imposed. Pay level is a very important parameter while deciding basic pay and grade pay. It should be kept in mind that payment of Forest Guards is different in various location.

Some important factors play vital role such as location of the forest, pressure of workload, while preparing salary structure. Candidates must undergo 2 years of probation period at the time of joining.

State-Wise Grade Pay & Pay Scale of Forest Guard

StatesGrade PayPay Scale
Maharashtra₹ 1800₹ 5200 – 20200
Uttar Pradesh₹ 2000₹ 5200 – 20200
Gujarat₹ 2000₹ 5200 – 20200
Karnataka₹ 11600 – 21000
Tamil Nadu₹ 1900₹ 5200 – 20200
Kerala₹ 5200 – 20200
Madhya Pradesh₹ 1800₹ 5200 – 20200
Uttarakhand₹ 1900₹ 5200 – 20200

Salary Structure of Forest Guard

Details of forest guard salary is mentioned in the following discussion.

  • Pay Salary: ₹ 5200 – ₹ 20,500
  • Grade Pay: ₹ 1800
  • Basic Salary: ₹ 18,000
  • D.A. (Dearness Allowance): ₹ 3485
  • H.R.A. (House Rent Allowance): ₹ 1640
  • T.A. (Travelling allowance): As per Govt rule
  • D.A. on T.A.: As per Govt rule

Allowance Allotted to Forest Guards

Other than their salary, Forest Guard will also get some allowances to reduce burden of living cost and life standards. Forest Guards are also provided with allowances as:

  • Dearness Allowance (DA)
  • Medical Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • Travel Allowance (TA)

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This is a good opportunity for the candidates who loves nature and wants to take care of it. You can always be attached with nature. Hope, you will like this article and it is informative to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of probation period of Forest Guard?

Candidates have to join a probation period of 2 years.

What is the amount of basic pay provided to Forest Guard?

The basis-pay given to Forest Guard is ₹ 18,000.

What are the benefits a Forest Guard can have?

Other than salary, the Forest Guard can get the facilities of loan, pension scheme, insurance, leave travel concession.

What is the main responsibility of a Forest Guard?

The main responsibility of a Forest Guard is to maintain and supervise different operation which are beneficial for the forest and protect it from any kind of illegal activities.

Can girls allowed to appear for Forest Guard?

Yes, there is no restriction and irrespective of male and female are allowed to appear for Forest Guard.

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