What is the Full Form of SCVT?

The full form of SCVT is “State Council for Vocational Training” which was initially known as ‘Vocational Examination Council’.

It was established in the month of March on 30th in 1988 through a Government order but in the month of July on 8th in 2014 the official name of this organization was changed to “State Council for Vocational Training”.

SCVT Full Form

The reason behind changing the name of the organization as well as the structure of the organization was the smooth screening of candidates, proper functioning and retaining transparency of selection process during admission of candidates in Government Industrial Training Institute.

The organization is affiliated to the NCVT, New Delhi and the Registration of Council is under Society Act. The council thus helps the individual to land a secure job and also in some cases to update their skills as per the requirement in various workplace.

Working Process of SCVT

The council mainly deals with selection of candidates for admission in Government and Private Industrial Training Institute of State for skill development and to organize exam of National Vocational/National Apprenticeship Council.

The selection process takes place to select the candidates for training in Government and Private Industrial Training Institute of the state. The selection of candidates taken on the basis of “Merit in Educational Qualification” in 67 different trades for which there are around 14788 seats are allotted under SCVT (State Council of Vocational Training).

Different courses are available for admission and 393000 seats are available for Private Industrial Training Institutes under NCVT.

Process of Admission

The selected students are granted admission into different polytechnic ITI training, diploma and craftsman training. All these training are done via the website portal of Student Academic Management System (SAMS).

The admission process is maintained and regulated through the E-admission and is done digitally which is maintained by the Department of skill development and technical education for ITI, Diploma engineering, non-engineering. The interested students can head to their respective states and visit official website to get important updates.

Courses Offered in SCVT

The courses offered by the State Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training includes Diploma courses of 3 years for regular candidates and Diploma of 2 years for lateral entry candidates that has various with engineering and non-technical courses.

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State Council for Technical Education & Vocational Training (SCTE & VT) also provides one and two years of training on craftsman called Craftsman Training Scheme (CTS) as well as with the ITI training for regular candidates that includes various Engineering and Non-Engineering courses.

Organizational Structure of SCVT

The organization consists the chairman of the council who is at the top position of the organization. Then we have the secretary of state council of vocational training (SCVT) and under him there is an executive director.

The deputy director, finance officer and account officer, the deputy director together constitutes the joint director of the organization. The deputy director is responsible for admission, course development, recognition, certification/ affiliation and the employee administrative cell.

The finance and account officer maintain the financial cell. The deputy director supervises the examination, law/information, I.T/ M.I.S. Cell. In this way different responsibilities are divided among the various top level officials.

Other than this, there are also officers like Assistant Directors working under of the department mention above to provide assistance to the top level officials.

Mission and Goal of SCVT

The Registration of Council is done under Society Act and it came into existence from 2014. The council start full fledge work for selection of deserving candidates. The role and functions of the council are stated as follows:

  • They are provided responsibility for the establishment of 20 new Government Industrial Training Institutes every year in the unserved Tehsils/ Block of state to help the candidates and reduce the unemployment in the countrywide.
  • Every year 20% of such Government ITIs will be established in unserved Tehsils/Blocks and will be established in minority Established regions with the view of the Development of Minority communities.
  • To evolve the Training Capacity of Trades which are being set off in the Government Industrial Institute across the country.
  • To initiate some short-term and employment-based Vocational Training Program under Skill Development Mission.

Importance of SCVT

  • These State Councils correlates to the National council of India to deal with all matters relating to vocational training and skill development at the State level and the State Councils operates as an agent of the state to guide and counsel the State Government in assisting the training policy brought about by the National Council and aid the Vocational Training Programme throughout the State.
  • The State Council is supervised by the Minister of Technical Education and Industrial Training with members as assigned by the State Govt. team occasionally.
  • The public institutions and the private sector engagement are highly appreciated. In this case, the private sector forms a vital role in skilling the candidates with highly equipped training centers.
  • The vocational education is imparted through Vocational Training Centres and practical work that prepares people for a specific trade. The training helps the candidates to equip with the latest skills that help them further to land a good job.
  • The selected candidate gets expertise in techniques related to technology, skill, and scientific technique to span all aspects of the trade. Vocational education imparts procedural knowledge and knowledge of specific trades, crafts, and careers at various levels.
  • The course includes works that has crafts those are usually focused on manual and practical activities. These craft vocations are traditionally non-academic but are related to a specific trade and occupation.
  • In this way, simultaneous vocational education and skill development increase the productivity of every job-seeking individual, of employers, and expansion of national development.
  • The employees that are both highly skilled in a particular occupation and also exhibit flexibility, are seen as the most important human capital who contribute to the development of the country and also make a ‘knowledgeable’ workforce.
  • The Government deduced that the vocational and professional training system would have a major positive impact on national competitiveness.
  • This Technical and Vocational Education is considered a crucial measure to generate trained labor and generate well-skilled employees in order to fight the employability and improve the country’s economy. These individuals are a boon to society as they improve the workplace as well as add to the country’s economy.
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Major Objectives of SCVT

  • The major operation of the council is to select the deserving candidates and initiate their admission to the Government and Private Industrial Training Institute of State as well as to organize the examination of the National Vocational/ National Apprenticeship Council.
  • It also brings about various modifications and amendments in the ongoing courses that are being operated in Government Industrial Training Institutes.
  • Various suggestions are given to create new courses, and specifications and to conduct a selection process for admissions in the various vocational courses. The council is also engaged in the development and implementation of standards regarding the Affiliation/ Certification/ Accreditation of various Vocational Skill Trades/ Courses.
  • The eligible candidates are rewarded with meritorious trainees and with Award/Medal. Provides admission in the various vocational courses and ensures the implementation of proper guidelines and instructions mentioned in the Management Manual of Industrial Training Institutes.
  • The council prepares the training programs as per the need of various groups, industries (affiliated at the National and International levels), and the ongoing trends.
  • It establishes a suitable feedback system for settlement of needs, requirements, deficiency in training, and scrutiny. The organization conducts related NCVT/SCVT Examinations and also conducts examinations related to the Private ITIs.
  • The council operates to facilitate the services that come under Janhit Guarantee Act. It conducts the Apprentice Examination as well as the State Skill Competition (Award Distribution).

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In this era skills development is an increasingly important and vital factor in adapting the societies to changing economic and environmental conditions. It brings about innovation, enhances productivity, stimulates economic competitiveness, and underpins inclusive approaches to the development and well-being of the country as well as its people.

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Thus vocational training is important in order to impart specialized skills and knowledge. As per the suggestion of the Prime Minister, India must aim to develop at least 500 million certified and skilled employees by the year 2022 in the country.

The market of India has the highest population with the highest number of youth thus we need to invest properly and work for the country unitedly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the full form of SCVT?

Ans: The full form of SCVT is State Council for Vocational Training.

Q2. When was the SCVT establish?

Ans: The organization was established on 30th March in 1988 through a government order.

Q3. Who regulates the working functions of SCVT?

Ans: The National council for Vocational Training(NCVT) regulates the working functions of SCVT.

Q4. Can a student of SCVT studied abroad?

Ans: Yes, a student who have completed his course from SCVT can continue higher study abroad.

Q5. What is the minimum age required for SCVT?

Ans: The candidate must be of 18 years to get admission for SCVT.

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