Top Highest Paying Jobs in India 2023

Money is the key to fulfill your needs and desires. Right job or profession gives you much more opportunities to earn money as much as possible. If we go 10-15 years ago, able to see there are 2-3 departments dominating and well paid jobs.

But current scenario is totally different from that with the globalization of Indian Economy. There are lots of opportunities in different fields with sound payment.

Highest Paying Jobs in India

There are certain things like employee’s experience, training, performance and knowledge which makes payment higher almost in all industry.

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Highest Paying Jobs in India

Here, we will briefly discuss the top 10 highest paying jobs in India and required qualifications.

Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountant is always in demand and it is also known as evergreen profession as skills is required in every field in company from small to big industry.

It helps company in different fields like taxation policies, GST and salary related issues. They will guide company, how to escape from excess expenditure.

Educational Qualifications:

To become a Chartered Accountant, a candidate need to complete 3 levels of examination viz.

Foundation course or CPT (Common Proficiency Test): If any Candidate choose to have Chartered Accountant after completing higher secondary through the Foundation Course Option.

Intermediate or IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence Course): If anyone willing to pursue Chartered Accountant after graduation, can directly got registered himself in Intermediate course through Direct Entry option.

Candidates who have not completed graduation but passed the intermediate level examinations by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India or by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India are able to register for the Chartered Accountant Intermediate course as the Foundation Course already covered.

Final Examination: A person can appear in the final examination after clearing both of the above mention.

Salary Package:

  • For beginners: ₹ 7 – ₹ 10 LPA.
  • For Experienced: ₹ 16 – ₹ 20 LPA.
  • For Experts: Up to ₹ 50 LPA or more.
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IT and Software Engineer

With the advancement of technology, IT emerged as an important sector and can do plan a career in this field in India.

The top multinational companies across the world hires IT and Software Engineers from India. Different government schemes like ‘Digital India’ create opportunities for IT and Software Engineers.

Educational Qualifications: B. Tech in Computer Science Engineering.


  • Have sound knowledge in Programming and Coding.
  • Expert in Software Development.

Salary Package:

  • For Beginners: ₹ 4 – ₹ 8 LPA.
  • For Intermediate: ₹ 10 – ₹ 20 LPA.
  • For Seniors: ₹ 25 – ₹ 35 LPA or more.

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Commercial Pilot

One of the most glamorous and highest paying jobs in India. To do work as a commercial pilot you need to be highly skilled and worked for business purposes.

To become a commercial pilot, you have to get license which need a lot of money and start as a trainee.

Educational Qualifications: Willing aspirants must have a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) from Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) after higher secondary.

Salary Package:

  • For Beginners: ₹ 10 – ₹ 20 LPA.
  • For Seniors: ₹ 50 lakhs – ₹ 1 crore, working with reputed airlines.


India is a vast country and needs huge number of doctors to provide services in medical department. With the time, demand of doctors is increasing and have never seen downfall.

Nowadays, people are more concerned about their health and visits to a doctor on a regular basis to have a healthy and higher life expectancy.

Better handling of patients and conduction of operation will give you fame which also increase your demand. Anyone can start practicing separately which gives opportunity to earn more money.

Educational Qualifications:

In higher secondary you must choose science with Physics, Chemistry and Biology. To become a doctor, candidates needs to pursue graduation in MBBS and must clear NEET Exam. Age must be in between 17 – 25 years.

Salary Package:

  • For Beginners: ₹ 4 – ₹ 8 LPA.
  • For Intermediate: ₹ 8 – ₹ 12 LPA.
  • For Experienced: ₹ 12 – ₹ 20 LPA.
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You can say Lawyer is a profession where there is no recession throughout years. There are different lawyers for different fields like criminal, litigation, corporate, etc.

There are corporate law that makes company to hire lawyer and helps lawyer to get a better salary package. Your ability and talent to win cases will make you famous along with it increase salary.

Educational Qualifications:

Have to possess BA LLB degree which is either 5 year course after higher secondary or 3 year course after graduation.

Different reputed law colleges conduct entrance test for the admission in LLB department and successful candidates are allowed to take admission.

You can do MA LLB, specialization in particular area.

Salary Package:

  • Individual – Senior Attorney: ₹ 5 – ₹ 10 LPA.
  • Corporate Lawyer: ₹ 7 – ₹ 12 LPA.

Data Scientist

With the exploration of Indian Economy, companies are focusing on data that is why demand of Data Scientists are increasing.

A Data Scientists analyze the collected data and make customer oriented plans that helps to earn more profit as well as customer satisfaction.

If we see there are 40% increase in 2019 and 300 % in last five years the demand of Data Scientists.

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science Engineering are the science based subjects.

In some jobs, employers are also asked for Masters or PhD in big data, business analytics, data analytics, data science.


  • Have ability to analyze data and problems.
  • Ability to understand consumer psychology.
  • Ability to make good judgement and quick decision in business.
  • Should be a good Programmer.


  • For Beginners: ₹ 5 – ₹ 7 LPA.
  • For Experienced: ₹ 10 – ₹ 15 LPA.
  • For Seniors: ₹ 20 – ₹ 30 LPA.

Management Professionals

To become successful in business need proper planning and every company wants so.

There are management professionals who are employed to improve performance like marketing, financial issues, different operations and also have ability to solve problems like human resources, logistics etc.

Educational Qualifications:

After 10+2 there are management courses like Bachelor of Business Administration- (BBA), Business Management–BBM, Business Administration plus a Diploma in Business Administration-BBA+DBA (Specialization).

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Salary Package:

  • For Beginners: ₹ 8 – ₹ 12 LPA.
  • For Intermediate: ₹ 15 – ₹ 20 LPA.
  • For Experienced: ₹ 30 LPA.

Civil Services

This is one of the prestigious and with the introduction of 7th pay commission it becomes one of the highest paying jobs in India. Candidates become Civil Servants after clearing UPSC Exam.

Educational Qualifications:

After completing graduation one must crack UPSC Exam. This examination is considered as one of the toughest examination and need to do work hard to clear it.

Salary Package: Average yearly salary around ₹ 9 – ₹ 10 lakhs.

ONG Professionals

This is related to oil and natural gas industry. Though there are few people who aspire for this job, it still remains one of the highest paying jobs in India.

India is among the top five largest importer in the world and aim is to reduce its dependency from 77% – 67% within 2021 indicates that there are lots of opportunities in near future.

Educational Qualifications:

One can pursue B. Tech or BE in petrochemical engineering and can also have completed M. Tech or ME.

Salary Package:

  • For Beginners: ₹ 3 – ₹ 5 LPA.
  • For Intermediate: ₹ 7 – ₹ 10 LPA.
  • For Experienced: ₹ 15 – ₹ 20 LPA.

Cyber Security Professionals

With the digitization, almost all kinds of business and transaction become online and also need to protect their important digital asset.

To save valuable asset cyber security is indispensable for all industries and grows the demand of cyber security professionals. They protect businesses from cyber threats and crimes.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Have completed graduation in Mathematics, computer science, statistics.
  • Certification in cyber security.

Salary Package:

  • For Beginners: ₹ 3 – ₹ 6 LPA.
  • For Intermediate: ₹ 8 – ₹ 12 LPA.
  • For Experienced: ₹ 25 – ₹ 30 LPA.

Above we discussed about top 10 highest paying jobs in India which help you to choose your future professionals.

The salary Package is different in different fields and are subject to change. At first set your goal and then find the to reach the goal.

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