CIO Full Form, Qualification, Skills and Salary

The full form of CIO is Chief Information Officer. This is the highest executive post in an organization who oversees the department of information technology that is required for the company.

They supervise the IT department of the company but are not the directors of IT. They take care the management and implementation of computers and information technology in company. With the advancement of technology and its use in industries has increases the demand of this post globally.

CIO Full Form

CIO will check and analyze the demand of the technologies and whether it will be useful or not for the organization. Required hardware and software of the computer system is installed and maintained under their supervision.

Historical Background of CIO

William Synnott and William Gruber, organizational theorists, coined term chief information officer in 1981 for the first time in their book, Information Resource Management: Opportunities and Strategies for the 1980s.

This designation was proposed to create a post at the top management just like CFO who is the head of the finance department, a post was envisioned for information technology department.

Gruber and Synnott, who were in the post of senior vice president in the Bank of Boston wants an official for information technology that will help take advantage in the competition with the others.

Educational Qualification

One can become a CIO through various ways they want but they need some common requirements which we have discussed below.

Education: As CIOs are responsible for the maintenance and development of information technology, IT background of the candidates is sought such as bachelor degree in computer science, software engineering, or information systems.

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This course should contain computer programming, software development, math, and business. Candidates having Master of Business Administration is preferred over the other candidates.

Experience: To be posted at this level, candidate should have sufficient experience as it is considered as the most vital factor for this kind of post. In general, a minimum of 5 years’ is required in IT management.

They should have basic fundamental knowledge in business. For this reason, CIOs are hired from the department of business and rarely from IT department.

Required Skills

To perform their duties properly, they should have certain skills and qualities of the following:

Good Strategist: Having the quality to prepare good strategies for the development and implementation of the organization to achieve their goals.

Leadership: This is one of the demanded quality in CIOs so that they can lead from the front the entire team.

Interpersonal Relationship: As they lead the team of the department, they should have a good interpersonal relationship with the other employees. Good relation with other help to build good communication between them. They held meeting with other leaders and prepare good strategy for the IT department that will be helpful for the whole organization.

Advanced Management Skill: Technologies are changing almost every day. To be successful company need to hire CIOs with knowledge in the advanced technologies that will help company a lot.

Roles and Responsibility

CIOs plays an important role with the increased use of technology in an organization and makes a good demanding position. Most of the CIOs have some Roles and Responsibility are:

  • The total technological department is under them and with the advancement of technology their role is very crucial in the organization.
  • CIOs monitor the growth of individual as well as growth of all overall of an organization and customer service platforms are also included in it.
  • Chief information officer oversees development of various department such as Information risk management, Information Technology management, and team personnel.
  • CIOs sets IT policies, IT strategies, and IT standards for the Information technology (IT) department for the organization’s growth.
  • Track the variance and faults of the systems so that it can be align the result with the outcomes of the company’s goal.
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Duties of a CIO

  • The post of CIOs is at the higher level or management officials who is responsible for the management of policies related with the information technology and take necessary steps on the regularly to run the business of the company smoothly.
  • CIOs always aware of the fact of technological advancement and provide it to the department of information technology. They perform or help in certain areas such as prepare, make changes, assist, and make a final budget of the IT department.

Salary of CIO

As this is a post of management level, they get a decent amount from an organization in a variable range depending upon some factors like location, experience, and types of organization. The average salary of CIO is approximately  ₹ 4,000,000 per year.

  • Fresher or an Entry Level: ₹ 2,500,000 per annum approximately
  • Mid-level Experienced: ₹ 6,500,000 per annum approximately
  • Senior Level: ₹ 8,000,000 per annum approximately

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CIO Full Form: FAQs

Q1. What is the full form of CIO?

Ans: The full form i.e. CIO stands for Chief Information Officer.

Q3. What are the required skills for CIOs?

Ans: To be a successful CIO, one must have certain skills like Good Strategist, excellent leadership, possess good Interpersonal Relationship, having Advanced Management Skill in technology.

Q4. What is the minimum experience required to become CIO?

Ans: A minimum of 5 years’ experience is needed to get hired as CIO in an organization.

Q5. What is the average salary of a CIO?

Ans: Depending upon some factors, the average salary of a CIO is  ₹ 4,000,000 per annum.

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