CAT Preparation Tips 2023

Preparation for CAT Exam: CAT or Common Admission Test, an MBA entrance examination, one of the most competitive examination in India. Every year lakhs of students takes preparation for CAT or Common Admission Test. But very few of them become successful.

In CAT Examination candidates are tested on various aspects basically on analytical and verbal skills as both are necessary to get success in future in business management career. It is not easy for the aspirants to clear CAT exam as competition very high.

CAT Preparation Strategy

So, if you want to crack CAT exam, you have to take a sound preparation. Candidates should keep in mind that while you set your mind for the CAT preparation, you have two options in your hand viz.

  • You can start your preparation taking coaching
  • You can choose self study for preparation

You can choose any one option for your preparation but if you follow the toppers of previous year, coaching is not a factor.

Experts also suggest that to secure good marks in CAT exam, the most important thing need is to have a proper strategy and it is not compulsory to take coaching. In a word we can say you need a smart study.

CAT Preparation in Coaching Institute

If you plan to start coaching for CAT exam, you will get all the study materials. There are arrangements for mock test when needed on regular interval. An experienced mentors will guide you and provide all the tricks where applicable.

The important thing is that you have to attend the classes daily for approx 8 hours.

CAT Preparation by Self-Study

Self-study is also a good option and it is also suggested by many experts and toppers. You can obtain good marks through self-study. Do not take any stress if you want to take preparation through self-study but you need to follow tips.

In the following point we will try to cover up all the factors that needed in CAT examination preparation.

  • Go through the Syllabus
  • Get idea about exam pattern
  • Prepare a Study Plan
  • Collect Sufficient Study Material
  • Arrange Group Study
  • Attempt Mock Test
  • Take help from Technology
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1. Go through the Syllabus

It is very important to have a complete information about the syllabus of CAT exam. Get the syllabus from reliable source. Go through the whole syllabus thoroughly and point out the important topics as well as mark the topics on which portions you are weak and strong. Always have a hard copy of syllabus while studying.

2. Get idea about exam pattern

After analyzing the syllabus, next you need to collect previous years question papers at least last 10 years. In general, there are a total of 100 questions and mode of examination is online. Candidates have to answer the questions within allotted time period in different sections.

Many of the toppers recommended to clear concepts and complete the syllabus. There are three sections viz. Quantitative ability, Verbal ability and reading comprehension, Data interpretation & logical reasoning. Point out the portions from which maximum questions are asked.

  • Total Number of Questions: 100
  • Total Marks: 300 i.e. 3 marks will be given for each correct answer.
  • Sections: Three Sections, (I) Verbal & Reading Comprehension, (II) Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning, (III) Quantitative Aptitude
  • Mode of Examination: Online
  • Allotted Time: 180 minutes, 60 minutes for each section
  • Negative Marking: 1 marks will be deducted for each incorrect answer.
  • Negative Marking Questions: 70-75 (MCQ)
  • Non Negative Marking Questions: 25-30 (MCQ)

3. Prepare a Study Plan

A proper strategy and study plan is a decisive factor for your preparation. Prepare a routine for your preparation in such a way so that you will be able to revise the subjects regularly.

Give more time and focus on the topics you are weak. After completing every topics or chapter note down the important points.

4. Collect Sufficient Study Material

If you go to the market you can see, there are sufficient amount of study materials. The aspirants who wants to prepare without coaching, analyze which books are important. Other than books also collect reference books, sample question paper, notes etc. by experts.

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Do not buy too many books as it is waste of money. Try to buy that kind of books which are rich in content rather than quantity of books.

5. Arrange Group Study

Find out the candidates who are willing to give CAT examination from your school/ college friends. Same thinking and equally motivated persons are preferable to clear CAT exam and it is very important for the aspirants who are preparing without coaching.

A good quality partners can help you in your preparation. Try to create group with active members who have experience regarding the CAT exam. Arrange group discussion at least twice or thrice a week.

It is not necessary to create a group in which all the members are involved in self-study.

Candidates who are involved in coaching can help others. Different types of queries can be resolved and also motivate each other for study and preparation.

6. Attempt Mock Test

While taking preparation attempt mock tests as much as possible. These mock tests will give you confidence as well as show you the level of preparation where you stand.

Taking mock tests will help you to find out the weaknesses and strengths. Through mock tests you will be able to understand about the mistakes and give more attention on it.

In this mock tests you can have an idea how much effort you have to give on each sections for better score. You will be habituated with the pressure during exam and also learn how to manage time and answer the questions.

If you want to answer all the questions within the allotted 60 minutes, you have to familiar with tricks by which you can answer the question easily.

7. Take help from Technology

In recent time technology has far more advanced it become very useful for your preparation. Having an android phone and access of internet means you can get every information needed in few seconds. Use the advantage of internet in your preparation.

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Find out some good quality YouTube channels and websites which explains topics in very simple language. It will help you to be updated with latest changes.

Though CAT is a very tough examination it can be crack easily with firm commitment and hard work. There are lots of examples who scored good marks without coaching.

So, don’t be demoralized if you cannot effort coaching or you don’t have much time for coaching.

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CAT Preparation FAQs

Q1. Is it mandatory to take coaching to score high?

Ans: No, it is not mandatory to take coaching. You can see there are lots of candidates who score 99+ through self-study. You should keep it in your mind that you have to maintain discipline, work hard strictly.

Q2. How much time is sufficient for CAT preparation?

Ans: It depends on your effort and commitment. But generally seven to ten months is enough for the preparation of CAT exam.

Q3. What are the important factors for CAT preparation?

Ans: There are some factors which affect your preparation like too much depended on coaching, do not giving much time in self-study, lack of confidence, lack of time management skills, lack of commitment, not focusing on the weak areas.

Q4. How many times I can appear in CAT exam?

Ans: You can attempt CAT exam any number of times you want as there is no limit of it. Age limit is also not limited.

Q5. Is it necessary to buy a lot of books?

Ans: You need only those books which are rich in content. A pile of books only confused you and it is useless to you. Try to follow a standard book with one or two reference books for each sections.

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